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15 years after closure, Scottsdale Community Club and Pool is being torn down

The pool was located just south of Erskine Plaza shopping center at York Rd. and Thornhill Dr.

15 years after South Bend's famous Scottsdale Mall struggled to keep its doors open amid nearby competition and decreasing foot traffic, the famous shopping center was closed and demolished in 2004. That same year just south of the shopping center, the Scottsdale Community Pool and Club lay abandoned until now.

Demolition crews were on the scene early Tuesday to begin dismantling the dilapidated building at 4802 York Road.

Since the closure of the pool, it lay tax-delinquent. By the time it was sold at auction in March of this year, the back taxes and fees totaled $2 million. According to surrounding residents, a neighbor who used his own mower and gas to cut the grass and kept the property in god shape recently passed away.

Even several years before the closure of the pool, staff struggled to keep the pool in business. In 1997, the township decided not to open the pool for that season because of declining sales of memberships the previous year and the continuing high cost of running a pool.

That year, then Fire Chief Luther Taylor said that the city was talking with township officials about a possible intergovernmental transfer of a fire station. The new station would've replaced Station 10, in the 300 block of West Ireland Road. The plans never fell through.

Some residents are happy to see the eyesore go, but some remain skeptical about what will replace the 5-acre property.

Public records show the buyer of the property is Lefta LLC. The corporation has supposedly been communicating with South Bend 5th District Common Council Representative Jake Teshka on plans for the lot. Some speculate that the Habitat for Humanity would build on that land. Teshka says that scenario would only apply if the city ended up owning the land.

Teshka says that he believes market sale homes will be built on the land ranging from $130,000 to 160,000.

Although the property had accumulated $2 million in back taxes and fines, much of that sum was waived and the buyer paid $25,000.


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